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Unlock the exclusive benefits of our Silver Membership and elevate your experience to a whole new level. For just $50 a year, enjoy a range of premium perks designed to enhance your time with us.

Key Benefits:

1. 12-Month VIP Access:

Enjoy VIP status for an entire year with privileges that ensure your satisfaction and priority.

2. Value of $250:

Experience incredible value with benefits worth five times the membership fee.

3. Birthday Delight:

Celebrate your special day with 50% off room hire and a complimentary spa session when you book for one hour. Offer valid within the week of your birthday.

4. Spa Upgrade:

Enjoy one complimentary upgrade to our luxurious spa rooms, perfect for unwinding and indulging in aquatic delights.

5. Feature Room Upgrade:

Upgrade to one of our feature rooms at no extra cost. Choose between a double-bed oasis with a pole and spa, or our daring Dom Room for a unique experience.

6. Skip the Queue:

Enjoy seamless and priority entry as our esteemed VIP guest. Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities.

7. 7th Visit Perks:

Unlock 50% savings on room hire during your 7th visit, making your loyalty rewarding and memorable.

Join our Silver Membership today and indulge in the exclusive benefits designed to make every visit extraordinary. Your VIP journey awaits.

The price for membership is $5,000.00 per Year.

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